Peter Stormare

Peter Stormare is an actor of Swedish origins, born in 1953, on August 27th. He acts in TV series, in theatres, movies and as a voice actor in animation movies. He is also a musician and theatrical director. The role that most people know him for is that of John Abruzzi, in the Prison Break TV series.

His birth place was in Kumla, in Sweden and the names of his parents are Renato and Teodolinda Storm. His childhood was spend in Arbra, Halsingland and his original name was Storm Rolf Peter Ingvar. The surname was changed when he found out that there was another student with the same name as him at the academy of acting. The original name, Storm, meant the same thing both in English and Swedish. His new name, Stormare, is translated as stormer in English.

Peter StormareIn the beginning of his career as an actor, Peter Stormare worked at Sweden’s Royal National Theatre. He worked there for around eleven years. His next job was at Tokyo Globe Theatre, where he was an Associate Artistic Director. He was the director of a number of plays by Shakespeare, Hamlet being one of them. His move to New York meant a number of appearances in productions in English. Right now, he works both in Sweden and in the US, where he lives right now. His residence is in the state of California, in Los Angeles.

Peter Stormare is married to Stormare Toshimi. This is his second marriage, after divorcing from Karen Sillas, also an actress.

He is also a musician and he is one of the members of the Blonde From Fargo band. He released an album called Dallerpolsa och smafaglar in 2002, after U2’s Bono encouraged him to do it. Peter Stormare is godfather to the son of Stellan Skarsgard, Gustaf.